Custer County

Custer County Emergency Manager
P.O. Box 385   Challis, Id. 83226
Work Phone - 208-879-2360
Work Fax- 208-879-5246


Please email or call if you would like to take the Basic CERT course or if you know of a group that would like to take it.

If you have already taken the CERT basic series we invite you to help our local community teams to stay refreshed on the basics and participate in upcoming events.  You are always welcome to attend classes for new students. This can be an excellent way to stay up on your skills.  We especially invite you to participate in the final drill held for each class as either a responder, victim or observer.


Past News

Custer County Cert Classes for April, May June, 2011

The entire Cert Course will be done in these two days Kathy Rodgers is the Instructor

June 10 9:00 am Challis EMS Shed

June 11 9:00 am Challis Fire Station

June 17 & 18 LDS Church another complete course in two days Rick Komar is the Instructor contack Ron Bloxham for more information.

 There will be other classes in Challis, Mackay and Stanley if you miss some of the sessions or want to review some ot sections already taken. Call the contact numbers listed below to be put on a list for any upcoming classes.

 You will be issued a Backpack containing some equipment for future use if you complete the training.

There is no cost involved to take the training.

Local Contacts:  Kathy 208-879-2232